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Cambridge Dictionary +Plus is the world’s online favourite online dictionary and grammar resource for learners of English.

Cambridge Dictionary +Plus, your trusted partner in making English work for you.

Kahoots are fun, interactive games to help learners practise their English and build their language skills.

These free kahoots include music and images to engage young learners and make learning exciting and enjoyable.

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English kahoots at B1-B2 level help students practise English, build confidence and develop learning strategies. Discover our top tips on recording vocabulary, practise tenses and more!

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Kahoot can be played in player-vs-player or team-vs-team modes or assigned as challenges for independent study. They can be used on desktop computers, tablets or smartphones, and give teachers the flexibility to use them in online lessons, in face-to-face classrooms, or at home.

Useful Apps

Write an Improve

Developed by the University of Cambridge, Write & Improve is a free tool that helps every learner to improve their English writing.

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Exam Lift

Exam Lift is a mobile app which helps you improve your English and prepare for your A2 Key for Schools, B1 Preliminary for Schools and B2 First for Schools exams.


Useful Videos

Prepare for an exam: English Language Learning Tips by Cambridge English

Learn English with Cambridge YouTube channel
Launched in April 2019, the Learn English with Cambridge channel was created to provide bite-sized video content to learners, with a focus on real-world English.

Learn English with Cambridge - YouTube